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40 years have passed since Jomet Ltd was founded. This anniversary year sees a record number of orders. Apparently the lengthy recession is easing up. Economic fluctuations in the packaging industry are common, as costly investment commodities are usually sought after when business trends are stable. 

Istarted business in 1976 as a one-man Engineering Company. Initially I workedas a temporary worker and entrepreneur, as I was also teaching at ForssaTechnical College. I managed to get sell the first device to ever carry my name to Jokioisten Nail Factory in 1982. In the Winter I produced the drawings for the box palletiser machine and during the summer holidays I built the machine at my friend’s workshop in Renko. That autumn the machine was put into operation and is still going strong today. Interest in the machine came from elsewhere, too, so my business expanded alongside teaching duties. So much work came in that I had to decide whether to teach or stay in business. The business won in 1985 after 10 years of teaching. Teaching had provided a great place for spotting young talent, though, and so I employed ex-students of mine in the company. The first of these employees was Pekka Virtanen, who is still with us today. This shows, in itself, just how devoted to Jomet Ltd our workers are. 

At first the company set up in a converted storage room in my home. Within a year we moved to two rooms rented from the council. In 1986 we bought our present premises at an executive auction. We had been looking for a hall in which we could build and test our machines. As the bids at the auction had remained low our bid got accepted. Assembly work was started straight after the deal was made. Because my business was an Engineering Company, we had to form a Machine Shop, Jomeks Ltd, of which Jomet Ltd owned half. The first loader was delivered to a Chalk factory in Lohja. Our Sales Department was so successful that our premises soon became too cramped. A new hall was built on the same plot one year later. Jokioinen Council actually helped our company’s development by its own deeds. Jomeks Ltd became its own separate company later, but there is still close cooperation between the two companies.

Packing machines were developed alongside palletisers, as in many cases palletisers were not considered necessary as packers used to pack items into boxes first,by hand, and only then shift them onto pallets. Palletisers were only needed if there was a machine for packing boxes. For this reason Jomet Ltd expanded its product range to include packing machines. Our company grew into a supplier offinal packing machines and automation specialist. Despite tough competition in our field, we are able to implement the type of machines our clients need. This was our competitive advantage over German and other European companies. We have never been offered projects that we haven’t been able to accomplish. Our company has grown into an automatic packaging company that creates new solutions in diverse fields. The food industry has been a strong pillar for us. It has produced applications with innovations supporting other fields, too. We can offer a comprehensive range of automatic packing solutions to companies that deliver products via Internet shopping - from envelopes to even refrigerator-sized packages. We also continue working on developing new packing materials and cost effective improvements to the use of packing cartons. Our operationsare international and innovativeness with larger operators has enabled the development of new technologies. This again has enabled our company to conquer new fields. 

A company’s most powerful resource is the expertise of its employees. Our personnel has become top quality thanks to the challenging jobs they’ve completed. We are an organisation of experts, two-thirds of our employees are engineers. During 40 years, we have manufactured over 1500 machines. Long term operations have given Jomet Ltd the competitive edge. We will endeavour in the future, too, to be at the spearhead of development, and create innovative solutions according to client needs.

Jouni Suokas
Chairman of the Board


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