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Jomet has been supplying leading online traders and distributers with automated packing equipment since 2010.

Our company has quickly become the leading automated packing equipment supplier to clients who value speed and optimal package size related cost efficiency.

We have supplied over 50 automated packing solutions to world leading online traders, system integrators and machines third party logistics.

In addition, Jomet has also supplied numerous end users with complete OEM integration.

Our machines:

Trimpack machines optimise delivery box height according to individual filling level -extremely cost effective.

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Boxes formed by Formpack machines fulfil even the strictest demands set by automated logistics centres.

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Crosspack machines form a very neat and protective package around smaller products.

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The Sleevepack product family provides a solution for packing goods intended for letter box delivery. 

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Wedgepack machines bind delivery boxes, there by avoiding the need for added filling material.

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Lidpack machines let you cover your box with an attractive, durable lid.

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Film inserter & wrapper - watch a video and you’ll realise that Jomet is capable of practically anything!

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"Our principle has always been to tailor-make machines to operate according to client’s goals, not to adjust goals to suit a machine’s basic functions. Contact me and I’ll tell you what that means in practice in your case!


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