Lidpack machines close boxes into neat, durable packages. Boxes are closed up automatically and quickly with no upper flaps and the machine glues a separate lid on four sides.

Certain glue settings allow boxes to be opened extremely easily. Easy box opening means that actually opening a box will leave a trace, therefore any unauthorised box openers will be traced.

Lidpack machines adapt well to online trading or logistics, the volumes of which are on the increase. 

Squarely folded and glued lid flaps strengthen the whole box structure and improve its durability dramatically through the delivery process. This is also important because it guarantees the high quality appearance of boxes to the end user.

First impressions cannot be made twice!

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"Our principle has always been to tailor-make machines to operate according to client’s goals, not to adjust goals to suit a machine’s basic functions. Contact me and I’ll tell you what that means in practice in your case!


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